Thursday, January 28, 2016

Prevalence of Psychological Disorders

In Psy 215 and Psy 201 we have been discussing the idea of prevalence rates in terms of psychological disorders. As we have discussed, there is growing awareness that many of the rates are most likely underestimations of the true occurrence of these disorders. The following article talks about how this realization is impacting practices in the mental health field.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


On Wednesday, February 10th @ 11:00 in the Shea Theatre, Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winning economist, author and NYT columnist, will be speaking on Income Inequality.  This incredible event is cosponsored by the social science department and the Honors Program.  Should your schedule permit, it would be great if you could attend. 


It's important to get off to a good start in a semester. The following link gives some practical suggestions on some ways to do so.

Monday, January 25, 2016



Do you have Diabetes? Are you unsure about how to best handle this ongoing health condition?

JOIN US! Discover new, practical ways to live better & healthier. Learn the tools to manage and take control of your health.

Workshop Dates: Fridays -- 9:30am to 12noon February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 4, 11, 2016

Location: Suffolk Community College/Islip Arts Building Room 102 (Parking lot 3J right next to building) 533 College Road, Selden, NY
Participants will receive a FREE Living Healthy Book and Relaxation CD •




Call Jane Juran at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County 631-727-7850 ext. 340 Please leave a message and someone will get back to you to confirm registration.

or visit:
Please contact the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County office if you have any special needs.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016


      Welcome students of the Spring 2016 semester!

I am hoping we have a stimulating and enjoyable semester as you experience the world of Psychology. My goal is to offer students who are willing to work hard an opportunity to be immersed in the world of Psychology, explore topics of interest in more detail, and earn a good grade in the course.  On that note, I would like to share a few ideas of things to focus on to both enhance your course experience and give yourself a chance to obtain the best grade possible:

Homework: It will be important to consistently complete your standing homework assignments. If you do, they will provide you valuable context and reinforcement of class lectures. Your standing homework assignments are:

1.     Keep up with the reading: It is a general assumption you will be doing a reading to accompany the class lectures. This will help enhance your understanding of the material and give you a deeper knowledge of the subject matter

2.     Watch the assignment videos: The videos associated with the lectures were designed to provide you more details about different topics as well as reinforce material covered in class. Watching them is an excellent way to enhance your understanding and assist with the process of committing the material to memory for test preparation.

 3.  Plan out your assignments: Writing assignments are a key component of the class. Make sure you develop a schedule early on for their completion and adjust accordingly if you fail to stay on time


- Make sure you understand all the requirements for the writing assignments on the syllabus so you are not penalized for not following the assignment!

-            - Identify an appropriate topic early in the semester-see me with questions 

- Peer Review articles are excellent sources for your assignments- make sure you  learn how to find and access them 


      Stay in touch: Many issues can be resolved earlier in the semester and can make the rest of the semester go much smoother. Make sure you are familiar enough with course expectations to ask the questions early in the semester. Feel free to ask during class time so everyone can get the benefit of the information


      Check the blog on a regular basis for updates on the class, additional reading assignments, and extra credit opportunities.  

 Class Participation: 
Please feel free to share thoughts, ideas, and questions during class. I find class discussion an integral part  of a stimulating learning experience and hope you will be an active participant in the class. 

 If you find any websites or resources that are helpful to you in the course please share them with me as my website is a dynamic site and I am always looking for resources that will be useful to students

      Your 1st Homework Assignment: Familiarize yourself with the website which will be an invaluable resource throughout the semester!