Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome everyone and I hope you find this an interesting and challenging semester. As I mentioned during our first class, I will be using this page of the website for announcements and updates about the courses you are taking. Please check it regularly to keep track of things!
I want to use this as an opportunity to offer you a chance to earn extra credit. Suffolk Community College will be having its’ Seventh Annual Mental Health Awareness Day on Wednesday, October 10th from 9:30am until 3:00pm in the Babylon Student Center.
This year the scheduled workshops are:

·         Suicide Prevention, 9:30am, Old Field Room, Sharon Kelleher, Response Hotline
·         GLBT 101:  11:00am, Orient Point Room, LIGALY
·         Popping Pills: A Prescription for Disaster:  12:30pm, Montauk Point Room, Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, LICADD
·         Eating Disorders: The Silent Addiction: 11:00am, Old Field Room, Joann Devitt, LICADD
·         Anger Management in the 21st Century:  9:30am, Mildred Green Lounge, Steve Pinto, LICADD
·         Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships: Learning About Domestic Violence: 11:00am, Mildred Green Room, SCCADV
·         The Biology of Addiction:  9:30am, Orient Point Room, Professor Mike Mangino
·         Enhancing Inner Peace Through Yoga:  12:30pm, Mildred Green Room, Professor Angela Strynkowski
·         Soldier to Student:  2:00pm, Mildred Green Lounge, Professor Tara Fagan

PSY 101, 215 Students: Can attend any of the workshops they choose.
PSY 201 students: Can attend the Biology of Addiction Workshop
In addition to attending the workshop you should find one other source on the topic and complete a 1-2 page summary paper of both the workshop and your research. It is due October 24th and you can earn up to 10 points on your second exam grade.
Please see me if you have any questions.